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Personal Testimonies

"The best part for me was meeting all of the new people. I felt that it was a great way to make new friends. I also really enjoyed the outdoor activities we did with Venture that built our skills as a team. Those were really fun."

"The best part about the LJLC was being able to meet new people with different backgrounds and forming lasting relationships."

"...the friendships, fun activities, and openness between the teacher and peers."

"There are several different techniques to leading in a successful manner."

"Something I learned in general was that it is better to build off of your strengths than focus on your weaknesses. I also learned to keep an open mind to what everyone was saying because there are smart people in the class, and you might learn something. People want respectable leaders who value their opinion. Another thing I learned was that you don't always have to be the leader. There are many capable people, and sometimes it may be best if you let someone else take over. We had a ton of leaders in our class and not very many followers, so it was difficult to get some things done."

"Be open minded. Accept challenges. Maintain a positive attitude."

"Be prepared to read books and articles. Make sure your team works hard on the service project."

"Be prepared to work. There is no room for slacking off."