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Frequently Asked Questions

PILOT is a non-academic program which allows you to gain valuable leadership skills. Registering for PILOT and keeping track of your participation gives you the added value of being able to claim this certification.

One of the best pieces of advice we give students about interviewing for campus leadership positions is this: "Never say it will look good on my resume." However, PILOT does look good on your resume! It shows that you have participated in a leadership program AND that you’ve done it on a self-paced basis which takes a lot of initiative. In fact, one of the biggest supporters of the PILOT program is the UNC Charlotte University Career Center. Also, each year, there are campus-wide lectures and programs that are also required by academic course instructors. These programs are almost always included on the PILOT schedule. You can obtain PILOT Passport credit by completing this assignment by your instructor. Several times a year there are programs like the Greek Leadership Conference, Resident Advisor Training, Multicultural Leadership Conference and Conversations in Leadership which are also part of the PILOT program. Don’t miss the opportunity to build your leadership skills and resume! Join PILOT now!

There is no fee associated with joining the PILOT program. Most PILOT programs are also free. However, programs that involve travel, a conference or meal event will usually have a small fee associated with attendance.

PILOT provides participants non-academic credit for leadership training. Established in 1997, PILOT is the largest leadership program at UNC Charlotte, with over 2,500 student participants annually. Each semester, approximately 150 workshops are sponsored by the office of Leadership & Community Engagement in collaboration with many campus departments. PILOT is great for students who don't have the time for a group leadership experience, though many students in PILOT are also in our other leadership programs. 

To become a PILOT Certified Leader, you must attend:

  • 3 Skill Building programs
  • 2 Leadership/Ethics programs
  • 2 Diversity programs
  • 1 Self Development program

To become PILOT Master Leader Certified, you must first become PILOT Certified, and then gain the following number of credits in addition to your Certified Leader credits:

  • 4 Skill Building programs
  • 2 Leadership/Ethics programs
  • 1 Diversity program
  • 1 Self Development program

While we hope that you will complete the program, it is not required. The PILOT credits are non-academic and don’t show up in any other documentation. Even attending one or two programs increases your leadership knowledge.

The great thing about PILOT is that you do it at your own pace. Most workshops last around 45 minutes to one hour. While it takes most students about a semester to complete a program level, some students have completed both levels in one semester. You can select how fast or leisurely you move through the requirements. You can spread your PILOT participation out over your entire college career, if that works best for you.

As long as you have turned in your Passport with programs you’ve attended, those programs remain in our system. So, if you attend one program your freshman year and then decide to complete PILOT your senior year, that freshman year credit is still there if you turned it in. Credits don’t expire!

If you attend a workshop that is not sponsored by Leadership & Community Engagemnet, you can register on Niner Engage within 5 days of the workshop and turn your signed PILOT Passport into our office. It is the responsibility of every student to obtain signed proof of program attendance in order to receive credit for the workshop.

In order to attend any workshop sponsored by Leadership & Community Engagement, registration on Niner Engage is required. Completed PILOT Registration Forms will be checked upon entry into the workshops. Workshops sponsored by other offices do not require registration in the PILOT portal, however it is still required if you wish to receive credit. Some offices may have separate registration requirements in order to attend their workshops. If you attend two or three outside programs and find out how great PILOT is, you can’t retroactively receive credit for those programs…so you might as well register! Also, students often say, “If only I’d registered, I’d be done by now!” PILOT sessions include many campus-wide lectures and events required by instructors. That means if you’re registered, you can get a PILOT credit while also completing a class assignment!

During fall and spring semesters, the Leadership & Community Engagement will offer several back-to-back PILOT programs. Our thought is you came for one, stay for another and get two credits on one day! Of course, you don’t have to stay for both programs in order to attend. Just attend the one that interests you or that fits the category you need to fill. Note: Refreshments are usually provided between the two programs!

We really try to be user-friendly! Just record the name of the program, date, and name of the presenter on a piece of paper. Have the presenter sign the paper just like it’s a Passport and then turn it in.

If you’re attending a smaller program like a workshop, the presenter will be glad to sign it at the end of the program. If you’re attending a large lecture program like Conversations in Leadership, etc., look for a PILOT table or a University staff or faculty member. Print that person’s name on your Passport and then have them sign in order to verify your participation.

PILOT is sponsored by the Leadership & Community Engagement. However, PILOT is the collaborative effort of many campus departments. These include:

  • Campus Activities Board
  • Center for Academic Excellence
  • Conversations in Leadership Committee
  • Center for Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Office of Identity, Equity and Engagement
  • University Career Center
  • Venture Outdoor Leadership

Alliance Credit Counseling also presents several workshops each semester.