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Community Engagement

Alternative Service Break



Alternative Service Break (ASB) is a unique volunteer experience during which students forgo their traditional spring break activities and engage in direct service in a community outside of their own. Whether you are building houses, cleaning up after storms, or playing with kids/animals; you will learn about new cultures, social issues, and how to be an active citizen.

Alternative Service Break will take place the week of spring break, February 25-March 3, 2023.


  • Environmental Justice (Harleyville, SC)
    • February 27th-March 3rd; 5 days and 4 nights total
    • 1 free evening
    • Cost: $150 (covers all expenses for the week)
    • Travel together in van
  • Community Health (Moncure, NC)
    • February 25th-March 3rd; 7 days, 6 nights in Moncure, North Carolina
    • 1 free evening
    • Cost: $150 (covers all expenses for the week)
    • Travel together in van
  • Women's Issues: Human Trafficking (Atlanta, GA)
    • February 26th-March 2nd; 5 days, 4 nights in Atlanta, Georgia
    • 1 free evening
    • Cost: $150 (covers all expenses for the week)
    • Travel together in van


  • Woodland Weekend Sustainability Trip (West Jefferson, NC)
    • April 14th-April 16th; 3 days, 2 nights in West Jefferson, North Carolina
    • 1 free evening
    • Cost: $50 (covers all expenses for the weekend)
    • Travel together in van
    • NEW: Weekend Trip!

Interested, but what more information? Attend on of the two interest sessions: 

  • Tuesday, November 15th 3-4pm (STUN 262) 
  • Thursday, December 1st 5-6 pm (STUN 261) 

Registration is only open for UNC Charlotte Students who will remain students at the time of the program. Apply by December 5th, 2022.



"Being able to volunteer during the Alternative Service Break helped me to realize how one person can create a massive change and built my passion into being that person for my future communities" (2022 Participant).

“Our job was to put the ‘unity’ back into ‘community’ but your generations job is to put ‘human’ back into ‘humanity’” (2022 Participant). 

"[Alternative Service Break] allowed me to see through a lens of life I have never seen before, and I am grateful for that!" (2022 Participant). 

"This trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was SO refreshing to spend time with genuine people and do things that benefit a community in need at the same time. It was truly an uplifting experience that I will always keep with me" (2020 Participant). 

"I am forever humbled by this experience because it gave me an opportunity to understand how I can serve communities other than my own but most importantly how to understand people for their stories and how they cope with difficult situations" (2020 Participant). 

"Alternative Service Break allows you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and opens your eyes to how your service directly impacts other people" (2020 Participant). 

"My experience with the Panama City Beach, FL ASB taught me how to be an active citizen by challenging me to step into a new community and, while engaging in service work, listen to the dominant narratives of its members to understand the unique needs and perspectives of the community" (2020 Participant).